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A3 Medical Equipment



A technology company established to produce and develop medical equipments and supplies.
Our company prepares projects, produces and develops any kinds of machines, equipments and supplies which are used in medicine and food industry
Any kinds of machines and parts, design, development, mechanic electricity and electronic production and montage are being made in
A3 Medical Devices which are essential for manufacturing food production, plastic disposable material, medicines and medical devices.
Robotic machines with capability to report and advanced level structural unemployment are being produced in A3 Medical Devices manufacturing facility.
Machines are produced in our facility is manufactured as being convenient to legislation for Health and Food companies have to obey and U.N. standards.
The software’s for PLC, PC controlled which uses in Machines and production following and control are also produced in our facility.

· Product design & prototype manufacturing
· Contract R&D service
· Facility analyzes & design
· Feasibility & financing
· Turn key projects
· Technology & know-how transfer
· Equipment & material supply
· Documentation & validation
· Start-up services & consultancy
· Service & repair and maintenance
· Customized & CE certified systems

Dialyser Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility which is established in the structure of A3 Medical Devices which works with the brand of diafiber is one of the developed dialyzer facilities in the world.
The facility was established as manufacturing responsively and self controlled. Montage periods which go by mortal power in other similar facilities is done by machines have robotic manipulators.
With problems come across in other facilities and dialysers are examined separately, we aim to minimalize the probable problems.
Each parts of the whole manufacturing facility and machines consist of stainless steel and minimum frictional greaseless pieces which are necessary for medical usage. Most of equipments using in manufacturing facility is developed and patented for only A3 Medical Equipment facility.


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